Why getting the Java Enterprise Architect Certification?

Since this year has begun I’ve started my “journey” to the “Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect“. It’s been fun and either a lot of work to be done (not that I am doing all I’m supposed to do, but…).

Since I decided to do it some people had asked “why do you want this certification?”. Even I asked it for myself so many times… 😉

Well I don’t know if I have a really clear answer to this question as it involves a bunch of things for me, but I’ll try to organize the whole picture.

First of all, after I have attended to JavaOne LA last year I got a scary conclusion: I’ve became obsolete! I was doing good, in a nice job, doing a nice work, with a good salary but… became almost a dinosaur.

Those three awesome days were like a crowbar for my “old” mind (hey I’m not old ok…). I went to all the labs that I could and attended to every single talk that was possible without being omnipresent. I was starving for those informations that I had lost over time.

At end of the final keynote I went home guessing “what should I do now?“. I really needed to do something or my career would collapse in a short time.

Making the long story short I realized that my skills, preferences and experiences were pointing to architecture area. I have worked with it some periods of time and always had a lot of fun. So it was decided: I would do everything to become the best architect that I could be. Period.

The first problem to overcome was that I couldn’t make much progress in this area in the company where I was working. The matter was not the company, but my responsibilities there. So then the “Certification Project” has come.

What was my point? Well if I need to learn and understand a bunch of things to become what I want to become, why not starting by getting “officially” recognized? Mainly due the fact that I couldn’t develop the needed skills where I was working then.

Yeah, I know… getting a certification doesn’t mean you master those skills, but is a very good starting point. And I know it based on my on previous experience.

I’m still on the way to get the certification (my first test will be on May 31th), but I can already identify the benefits for running this run. As I said to some people, the certification is only a excuse to learn somethings that I need and to reach the point that I want.


In the beginning

Hey you! Glad you are here, whoever you are…

I’ve started this blog specially to help myself in my preparation to the Java EE Enterprise Architect Certification. I think if I keep writing and working on it, my results will get better constantly.

As a side affect, maybe my posts would help somebody anytime anywhere. Who knows?

My formal preparation will begin em January (yes, I will enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Day first). So for now I’ll try to keep in touch with WordPress. Maybe one post here and there…

Oh! At last, but not at least: my English is not so bad, and not so good. But so does yours, so I am cool with this.