Speaking at JavaOne US

Damn! Who would imagine, who would say? I wouldn’t…

The fact is: I’m gonna give a talk at JavaOne US (San Francisco) next month. It’s the biggest Java event and maybe one of the biggest IT events in the World.


You can check the session schedule here. The title is “Step-by-Step High Availability with Docker and Java EE“.

Amazed! šŸ˜‰


JavaOne LA 2016 – Part 2 – Being a Speaker

It’s been really really difficult to keep on posting here… I got to deal with this!

On the second part of the serie “JavaOne LA 2016”, now I will share some thoughts about the amazing experience of being a speaker in a big event like JavaOne.

Some people would ask: “why being a speaker?”, “why give a talk in a conference?”, “why expose yourself?“.

For me this is all about improving yourself and improving your career. That’s why I decided to give myself a try this year and submit papers to some of the most important IT events in Brazil and in the World.

To prepare yourself for this kind of task you should use some skills that maybe you don’t use in daily basis (specially if you are a developer/architect like me). You need to research, write, prepare presentation, and research again, build demos… you need even to smile when someone ask a question that you have absolute no idea of what he/she is talking about!

(This last part I do in daily basis…)

Being at JavaOne LA was even more interesting as it is probably one of the biggest IT events in Latin America (if not the biggest one). There you can find tons of people to share experience and interests. And, even better, I could find tons of people that know much more than me and are much better than me in so many ways (not that this is a hard work to accomplish…).

Oh… talking about my talk… here you can see the presentation! šŸ˜‰

Worthy of mention are my friend Bruno Souza and AndreĀ Carvalho. Our partnership was key to have this task done.

Next September we all three will be at JavaOne US (San Francisco) giving another talk. Surely another great experience worthy of a couple of posts!

Leave a comment if you feel like too… šŸ˜‰

JavaOne LA 2016 – Part 1 – Best Talks

Wow! So much time without posting. This is bad… very very bad…

But that’s ok, let’s update the thingsĀ here.

In the end of June happened in Sao Paulo one more edition of JavaOne Latin America. The Brazilian community is so vibrant that this event keep alive thru the years, stronger than ever.

This year was really different for me as I was there as a speaker for the first time… but this part I’ll let for the second post in a few days! šŸ˜‰

In this post I’ll share the best session for me at each day. There were a plenty of awesome talks, but those were really outstanding.

Day One

Developing Scalable REST API’s with JAX-RS and Java 8 (DesenvolvendoĀ APIs RESTĀ escalĆ”veis comĀ JAX-RSĀ eĀ Java 8″)

In this talk, FĆ”bio Velloso (Summa Technologies – @fabiovelloso) did an awesome job merging the most advanced and recent Java technologies in a very nifty way. If you would like to check it out, take a look here.

Day Two

IoT Surfing Service: a IoT microkernel (“IoT Surfing Service: um microkernel para Internet das Coisas”)

Here we had the “The Java Champion Couple”, Vinicius Senger (@vsenger) and Yara Senger (@yarasenger) showing what we programmers should be thinking about in daily basis. Their “IoT Surfing Service” and “IoT Surfing Board” maybe are the most advanced IoT projects in Brazil (even in the world) in this moment.

Check the project here.

Day Three

Java Community Keynote

Definitely the highest point in the whole event. The community leaders created a reality show called “The Coder” (based on the real “The Voice”), where 5 guys were at the finals and should present a project to win the contest.

The projects, in fact, were community tips of “what you should be doing in Java right now”. The areas was: Java 8, containers, IoT, machine learning and JUG engagement.


A really nice event and an excellent opportunity to meet people and invest in your network. You should definitely try to be there in the next year!